Service Details


When your roof is in need of repair, maintenance, or replacement, our roofing professionals have the knowledge and expertise to troubleshoot any issues and give you the choice of options in order repair, replace and complete any work in a timely manner and to your satisfaction. We are passionate about handling your roofing and related needs with quality, safety and great service. We strive to provide superior services through protection for your home or business at an affordable price through quality workmanship & materials, and upgrading your roof to all current local and state building codes.


Inspection & Repair

One good reason for a full tear off is that many roofs have water and moisture damage which can only be fully confirmed once the old layers of roofing have been removed. Replacing water and moisture damaged decking will ensure your home is fully protected from mold and further rot. Some homes also lack the correct code decking, drip edge, flashing and moisture barriers which play a major role in keeping your roof and home protected and secured from the elements.

Waterproof ice & water shield

We can’t stop the rain or snow, but we can certainly help prevent it from damaging your structure. Using the correct materials can help you avoid costly repairs or replacement that can result from your roof deteriorating under constant exposure to moisture. Ice and water shield installation plays a critical role in preventing ice damming and water seepage.

Storm Resistant architectural shingles

We offer upgraded architectural shingles which have greater resistance to wind, hail and other storm damage. Replacing your roof with these shingles may often result in “new roof” discounts from your homeowners insurance. The shingles also come with a limited lifetime warranty.

Reason For Choosing Us


Quality Material

Our top-quality materials are manufactured in the USA. We provide a variety of brands, color schemes & upgrade options.


Insurance Claims

If your home has been affected by a storm we can work with your public adjuster or insurance claim handler to ensure your property damage will be paid in full.



We work with your local villages to get the correct codes, permits and inspection. Labor and material warranties are given upon completion.